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Windows Vista Book 11 Known Issues

Users who are attempting to log into LOTRO with the Windows Vista Operating System may find themselves getting stuck on the game launcher at “Update Programs” with an error saying “general access denied”. This is due to the user not receiving the permissions box prompt they should be, when running the game launcher.

Workaround: To get around this issue, users must disable their User Account Controls (UAC). To do this, go to your Control Panel (In Classic View) > User Accounts > Turn User Account Control on or off > uncheck the User Account Control box > hit OK.

Please note: Users will have to leave this control off until a hotfix is released at a later date. By re-enabling the option, users will receive the same error again when launching the game.

Known Issues/Common Issues/FAQs

From Codemasters forum:

Stuck Items

We are aware of a new issue that seems to have appeared since Book 10 went live that concerns items getting "stuck". Some players have reported being unable to use, remove or destroy items in their inventories. We are currently investigating this issue and will update as soon as we have a fix for it

Game Error [201]

An error which sometimes occurs for those running Vista.

There are two security models for Vista (32 bit and 64 bit):

32 bit - the administrator account is granted full admin rights and so
running the launcher from it won't work (error 201 or a loop).
Solution - create a new (non-admin) account for running LOTRO, then assign full
rights to the Lord of the Rings Online program folder to that account.
Then run the launcher from that account.

64 bit - admin rights are not automatically granted to the main account
and so the launcher will run, but there is an error in the installation in
that it doesn't give write access to the main user account - it opens the .dat
file for write, when it should only open it for read).
Solution - you need to set full access rights to the Lord of the Rings Online program folder for the main account.

Step by step process, courtesy Khazneh:
  • Click on Start
  • Click on Computer
  • Double click on C:
  • Double click on Program files (x86)
  • Right click on Codemasters
  • Click on Properties
  • Select the Security tab
  • Click on Edit
  • Click on Add
  • Enter your PC User Name
  • Click OK
  • Click on the tick box beside Full Control under the allow column
  • Click OK

Another solution found to work for some people is to install the game in a location outside the normal Program Files folders, thus avoiding the security that the operating system applies to those folders.

World Queue [Error 50000] / [Error 30000]

These errors are most commonly caused by problems with the queue. Please try restarting the launcher and re-attempting connection. You might also try waiting a few minutes before retrying.

Stuck at Analyzing Programs

Problem: Why do I get stuck at "Analyzing Programs" during the launcher startup?

Solution: If you are stuck on the "Analyze Programs" stage of the launcher, try installing (or re-installing) the .NET framework 1.1 Service Pack 1 via the Windows Update site or a download from Microsoft's main site

20 attempts to connect fail

Problem: Cannot login, all 20 attempts to connect fail.

Solution: With an update to LoTRO you may be required to remove both lotroclient.exe and launcher.exe from your firewall permitted/allowed lists and add it back again to the allowed/permitted list.

Please do not just turn off or disable your firewall, most firewalls still run services in the background that can still block LoTRO.

Update Initialisation Error

Problem: "Update initialisation error" or "Update failure"

Solution: Ensure that you are logged in an administration account on the PC. Make sure your date, time and time zone are corrrect.


Problem: "InvalidOperationException"

Solution: If you get this error message with a lot of further text then please try the following:
1 - Try moving/deleting your userpreferences.ini file from the Lord of the Rings Online folder
2 - Restart the game

You might also try to reset the graphics options. To do this, click the small arrow pointing down in the top right hand corner of the launcher, select 'Options'. Click on the Repair tab and check the box next to repair.

Cannot login

Problem: Unable to login

Solutions: If you are having difficulty logging in, please try the following:

1 - Ensure that your firewalls are not interfering

2 - Try installing Microsoft .NET Framework 1.1 Hotfix (KB886903) and see if it helps.
For .NET Framework 1.1 go to:

For .NET Framework SP1 go to

For the Security Update to SP1 go to:

3 - Try resetting/repairing the graphics settings. To do this, click the small arrow pointing down in the top right hand corner of the launcher, select 'Options'. Click on the Repair tab and check the box next to repair.

4 - Recent maintenance adjusted how the system views capitalisation of login and password details. Players must now make sure they login using the correct capitalisation on their names.

Exit the game and the next time you run the game you can re-enter your user name

REMEMBER user name and password are both case senSitiVe.

Memory bloating/random crashes/blue screen crashes

Problem: Various crashing and slowing symptoms

Solution: These 'random' crash errors and the memory bloating issues are often caused by over-heating. Please make sure that your fans are all working and that they are clean from dust and obstructions. Switch off any overclocking (or even under-clock your graphics processor).

Please make sure you de-clock your chips and provide adequate ventilation. One thing to note is that some fans work at their best when they have their own power cable and do not share with other components.

Doing all of the above should help you with your issues.

If this doesn't work then please raise the issue on the forum to seek assistance.

Fatal API Issue

Problem: The game encounters a fatal windows API issue while attempting to start

Solution: First - disable your second monitor if you have one.

Second, if your second monitor was disabled, enable it.

Third, if you don’t have a second monitor, try this:

Edit the value in My Documents\Lord of the Rings Online\UsePreferences.ini

Try to log in again.

Error accessing Service.asmx

Problem: The following web error occurred while trying to access ...service.asmx

Solution: Make sure you have installed the .NET framework 1.1 Service Pack 1 via the Windows Update site or a download from Microsoft's main site.

- Turn off any ad-aware programs you may be running.
- Try to log on - if you get the same or similar error, please proceed to next steps.
- Make a copy of the launcher.exe.config file before making the changes below and store that copied file someplace outside the LoTRO directory. This will allow you to quickly revert the changes.
- Open your launcher.exe.config file (Notepad will work)
- Right above "<appSettings>" in the launcher.exe.config file, add the following block:<>


<proxy usesystemdefault="false"/>



This will cause the launcher to bypass the proxy server settings set in Internet Options.
- Save the file and try to log in.

If that does not help, you might need to have very specific proxy settings for use with the game. Your settings might need to be adjusted even more with the additional flags stated in the MSDN article (link below), and your ISP will most likely be the ones able to help you with it.

Argument out of range expection

Problem: I keep getting a Argument out of range expection when I try to launch my LoTRO client. ArgumentOutOfRangeException Time-out interval must be less than 2^32-2. Parameter name: dueTm

Solution: The reason you are receiving 'Time-out interval must be less than 2^32-2. Parameter name: dueTm' error message is due to the date/time on your computer being incorrect. Please update the date/time on your computer to resolve this issue.


Problem: SSE Enabled error message - what do I do?

Solution: SSE is a processor command set supported by all modern Intel compatible processors. It is required to run LoTRO.

SSE is supported by all Intel's processors since the Pentium III and Celeron lines and by AMD's Athlon XP and newer processor lines. (FYI: What AMD calls "3DNow Pro" is essentially 3DNow plus SSE support.) if you believe your processor is new enough to have SSE, and you still can't get the game to work, it is possible that the SSE support is disabled in the bios. For these cases the fix is either manually enabling SSE with a downloadable utility like WCPUID before running the game or downloading an update for your bios to fix this problem.

"Unable to open trust relationship with server"

Problem: The following error message is received "Unable to open trust relationship with server"

This error can be caused when your system clock is incorrectly set. Check that your Windows Date and Time are set correctly.

The underlying connection was closed

Problem: 'The underlying connection was closed: Could not establish trust relationship with remote server.' error message is likely due to the date/time on your computer being incorrect.

Solutions: Please update the date/time on your computer by going into Control Panel and selecting Date and Time.

If changing your date/time does not fix the error, try uninstalling/reinstalling Microsoft .NET Framework 1.1

To uninstall Microsoft .NET Framework 1.1:

*Go to Control Panel
*Go to Add/Remove Programs
*Click on Microsoft .NET Framework 1.1
*Click on Change/Remove
*Confirm uninstallation.

To install Microsoft .NET Framework 1.1

*Go to this website and download the dotnetfx.exe file.
*Install the file once it is fully downloaded onto your computer.

*Then run Windows Update and install the patches.

Minimising "lag"

Problem: You experience periods where the graphics stutter, you 'rubberband', you can't move for a short time, or other characters/monsters seem to teleport around. However this is not happening to others in your fellowship.

Solution: If you are experiencing lag, please see the following thread for some great tips on how to optimise your setup: A compilation of performance advice. You might also find this thread "Understanding Lag" useful.

Game doesn't load

Problem: The launcher disappears but the game doesn't load when I click play

Solution: Close the game launcher from task bar.
Go in to the 'Lord of the Rings Online' folder in 'My Documents' and delete the file 'UserPreferences.ini' then launch the game.

A game is already in progress.

Problem: "A game is already in progress. Please try again, after the game is closed."

Solution: Terminate the first instance of the launcher, either by right-clicking on the taskbar button and selecting the “Close” option, or right-clicking on the LoTRO icon in the system tray and selecting the “Quit” option.

LOTRO does not allow more then one client to run on a single computer at a time

Can't login? Servers showing as down?

Problem:The server name has an X beside it and I can't enter the game.

Solution: Check on the Live Status forum to see if there is a service announcement. If the servers are reportedly up, check your firewall settings (see firewall help) and ensure that you do not have proxy settings in Internet Explorer. Note: Every Thursday from 08.00 - 13.00 BST(GMT+1) is weekly schedule maintenance.

Firewall Help

Problem: Lack of connectivity and timeouts on launching the game.

Solutions: Firewall ports that need to be open:

(Updated 8th May!)

TCP: 80, 433, 5015, 9000

UDP: 2900-2910, 5015, 9000-9012

Two files will need to be permitted for LoTRO. The two files are lotroclient.exe and launcher.exe. Both of the files need to have full permission in the firewall to access the servers.

For assistance with configuring your software firewall, please contact the manufacturer. We have listed some of the major software firewall providers below for your convenience.

Zone Alarm:
Windows Service Pack 2 Firewall:

You also need to ensure that the following html document content types are also allowed:

.asmx .xml .xmlns .xsd .xsl .wsdl

.wsdl is a type that some players have reported stopping the laucher.exe from getting updates on their machines.

Data Center Error

Problem: Error message: Data Center Error

Solution: This error can happen due to the following reasons:

This error message is often related to your firewall blocking access for LoTRO. Make sure you have your firewall set to allow connections for the lotroclient.exe and launcher.exe. For assistance with configuring your software firewall, please contact the manufacturer.

Another cause can be that proxy setting exist in Internet Explorer (this sometimes happens if you have another browser installed).

* Go into Internet Explorer and select 'Internet Options' from the 'Tools' menu.

* Select the 'Connections' tab and press the 'LAN Settings' button.

* Untick the 'Use Proxy Server' option and click 'OK'.

System.Runtime.InteropServices.COMException Error (0x80040154)

Problem: This error occurs when you try to run the Launcher.



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